Total Distance approximately 20 Kilometers from the University Nacional in Heredia. From Nacional University head north approximately 2 Kilometers to San Rafael. From the NW corner of the towns main church, again head north 4.95K past El Castillo country club approximately 1 more kilometer.

To your right look for a large wooden sign that says Refugio de Vida Silvestre Cerro Dantas. Make a right and continue NE, another 2.98K. At this point there are three places where your car can be left. For 1.500 colones if you plan to stay the whole day or to sleep. This is roughly 3.5 kilometers from the refuge and a great hike.

The next place, located 700 meters closer to the refuge is a public area ideal if staying just a couple of hours.  The refuge must inform that we are not responsible for cars left here but generally is a safe place to park and if an you visit with a 4WD vehicle and are an experienced driver you can continue down the trail towards the refuge 1.25 kilometers further to the first gate you see, or farther back before the first bridge is fine.

The Masters Golf Tournament 2007The Masters Golf Tournament 2007